There's an Artist in the Balcony

Last night I received a magical gift. 

I was invited by Miguel Ochoa with the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra to attend the rehearsal of tonight's holiday performance, "Magic of the Season."

I sat in the balcony, sketchbook on my knee, and let the music inspire me.

It all started as a wisp of an idea. While gushing to Miguel one day about an Acadiana Symphony performance I'd recently attended, I mentioned how the music had filled my head with images. I longed to draw along with the music. Miguel loved the idea. 

And so, last night, with the Maestro's blessing, I sat perched above the rehearsing musicians and I drew. 

The music was enchanting — at times quiet and magical, then bold and majestic with a touch of melancholy. Zachary Richard's words were poetry. My heart was full. And for me and my sketchbook, time seemed to stand still. 

I encourage you to attend the Acadiana Symphony's performance, "Magic of the Season" tonight. And when you do, let the music inspire you and fill you with joy.

— The Artist in the Balcony

 Magic of the Season

Magic of the Season